The Doctor

Dr. Craig Gill, D.C.

Doctor of Chiropractic

I'd like to tell you that I had a miracle occur from a chiropractic treatment that changed my path into that of becoming a Chiropractor, but I didn't. My passion and devotion to Chiropractic was a life long experience, not a one shot wow factor. I received my first Chiropractic adjustment at two weeks old because my parents were well schooled by our Chiropractor, who helped them understand the science of maintaining a properly balance nervous system through Chiropractic adjustments. They learned from their Chiropractors teachings and personal experience that maintaining proper nervous system function would allow better cell , tissue and organ function, which in turn would help the body better defend itself against bacteria/viral invaders. They also learned that the adjustments helped to maintain proper joint function, which made them/us less prone to ligament, tendon or muscle injuries. It's not that my parents were anti-medical or against traditional philosophies of how to maintain health, it worked, so the need to go elsewhere never came up. I must admit that I tried my hand at what my father did for a living, as most children do, but it wasn't a fit for me. After finishing my undergraduate courses, I finished my Doctorate degree at the National University of Health Sciences. It was at this time my mother informed me that my father was in school to become a chiropractor, but did not finish due to their relationship going forward. One may question why she didn't tell me sooner. Maybe because he passed away during my youth and it didn't come up, or maybe she just wanted to add something special to my success by letting me know I did follow, and finish, what he had started! My passion for Chiropractic and helping others only grew stronger from that day and continues to grow watching the patients I treat improve each day I continue to do what I do; Chiropractic!