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I have been going with my daughter to see Dr. Gill for about 14 years now. When I first went to him, my health was in shambles. My allergies were so bad that I would lose my voice for up to two months at a time. I also had a horrible cough that kept many people to stand at a distance from me since I sounded like a walking disease. Being a teacher, this condition was very hard on me since we only get 10 absences a year and I was sounding like this almost year round. My students were bothered by my excessive, deep cough which made me cough more. My doctors kept misdiagnosing my extreme allergies as bronchitis, pneumonia, etc. Finally, my boss approached me and told me that she was worried and offered me this alternative solution. I let Dr Gill know that I thought he was a quack, but was coming just to please my boss and expected him to give up after costing lots of money. I was thankfully wrong. Within 3 days, my allergies were gone - I could breathe and wasn't coughing anymore. I also was able to talk again, and ultimately was able to join the church choir again. I rarely get any allergic symptoms anymore; however, I know that when I start getting any symptoms, that I simply just need to schedule my appointment with Dr. Gill and that he will help my immune system to vamp up. I don't cough like I used to and rarely ever am voiceless. My daughter also got to find alternative ways to fight off ailments that attacked her due to his help. We are thankful for this alternative medicine and look forward to many more years of health because of it.

- Laura S.

Not only did I have no more pain after my adjustment, but I felt great afterword. I definitely saw a huge difference. They paid close attention to me and all of my questions were answered. Their staff is very friendly and professional.


After a car accident, I had pain in my neck. I felt as if a vertebrae was out of position. Dr. Gill was able to put in back in place. My hips, elbows and ankles also go out of alignment and Dr. Gill is able to put these joints back where they belong. He has helped my wife with her sciatica pain and my five kids have all received excellent nutritional support. He is our ONLY health care provider as he has been able to fix ALL of our health care needs.

Thank you Dr. Gill from the Hewitt family.
-Brian H.